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The first few Lupin films that did leak out of Japan substituted names like " Rupan " and "Wolf" to get around it.


In reference to the band name, he confessed; "It means nothing. Dave Fortman had been tapped to produce the album. In a reverse of the comics example, The Avengers was renamed to the rather clunky Marvel Avengers Assemble in the UK to avoid confusion with the home-grown Speedealer tour dates show.

Due to the unfortunate death of Wayne Static on November 1, [17] the bands regrouped and decided to soldier on with the tour in Wayne's memory. This was a major problem, since Superboy was an active and popular DC character.

Played for Laughs in an episode of Lucky Star. There was also a character they had just brought back named Superboy-Prime. By playing on Martha's eccentricity and unfamiliarity with technology, they manage to write several scenes in which the site is discussed without ever saying either of the real and trademarked names, and leaving it unclear which service Martha is actually using.

The English localizations of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure have to use this extensively, thanks to Speedealer tour dates copious references to famous songs and musicians. However, a real-life company came up with a claim for "Sunrider" and Lucasfilm reacted enough for some legal issues to arise.

Writing Around Trademarks

Literature Michael McGarrity's Hermit's Peak had a fake company with a name that had been researched as unused The Dentist, or something. Those Looney Tunes lawyers at Warner Bros. Son of Hulk, story arc, they are known as the Enigma Force. The change occurred at the end of a miniseries featuring the character, My Name is Holocaust; the last scene had the character agreeing to have his name changed for the sake of publicity, and the last line was "Your name is Pyre.

They did get away with it concerning that very same crossover, though with the other guy in the Batsuit - Jean-Paul Valley, in his dementia, actually names Jigsaw a major Punisher villain as one of those who got put away.

The cards have a different Speedealer tour dates now, and you have to use sleeves if you want to use old and new cards Another Bill Mantlo creation, Rom Spaceknighthas a similar issue.

Too bad — you missed your chance. Prior to that, Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant did a series of videos as The Stranger and Miss Brown, although those eventually developed in a way that made it clear that they did not take place in the Doctor Who universe.

And as the story goes, Maurice Leblanc and Arsene Lupin ironically invoke this themselves, as Arthur Conan Doyle thought Lupin's nemesis, an Expy of Sherlock Holmes, was a little too close to this trope than that one by the name of Herlock Sholmes, and an assistant named Wilson.

Since you can't have a show about discussing anime without the shows themselves, the series gets around the massive amounts of Shout Outs inevitably going to be made by using nameswapped versions of the titles.

This was a major problem, since Superboy was an active and popular DC character. Rubin respected their request without any legal squabbles. Guitarist Bryan Ottoson even stated that the band looked so doomed that he was almost checked into a mental institution for fear of suicide.

Contentious material about living people that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately. In the original script for National Lampoon's VacationWalley World was indeed supposed to be Disneyland, but they couldn't secure the license to use the park's name most likely because the film pokes fun at itand it became the fictional Walley World.

Films — Animation An early scene from Monsters, Inc. The episode "Kryten" features a joke about how a crew of long-dead women who were basically skeletons with clothes and hair had "less meat on them than a Chicken McNugget.

Additionally, the team no longer includes Mego toy based characters such as Acroyear, Biotron, and Microtron. The band was set to go on a tour a week after returning to the states with Wolfborne and joining Wayne Static and Powerman for a multi city US tour.

Formation[ edit ] Early incarnations of the band sported names such as Flux, Gestapo Pussy Ranch, and Warsaw Ghetto Pussy, although these were short-lived.

The strangest part, though, is that nobody seems to know who the real-life company that made the dispute is, or what kind of claim they actually had to the "Sunrider" name.Guitarist Bryan Ottoson died on April 19,at the age of 27 in the middle of an early tour conducted with the bands Mudvayne, Life of Agony, and agronumericus.com musician's body was found lying on a sleeping bunk on the band's tour bus in North Charleston, South Carolina, where the group was scheduled to perform at the Plex.

Supersuckers and special guest Speedealer are teaming up for June dates in the U.S! speedealer tour dates and concert tickets in on Eventful.

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Jun 21 Speedealer at Small’s Bar, Detroit, MI, USA. Buy Reo Speedealer tickets from the official Ticketmaster CA site. Find Reo Speedealer tour schedule, concert details, reviews and photos. Find out when Speedealer is next playing live near you. List of all Speedealer tour dates and concerts.

Speedealer tour dates
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