Reaction paper on a philippine history

I have scanned the hundred-page draft of it to be ratified in Congress that means still remains a "Bill" and not a "Law" yet unless ratified - passed in the scrutinizing and approval of the Philippine Congress consists of the senate and the house of representatives.

But it is valuable; it became the pathway to achieve the independence of our country in the hands of Spaniards. Some historian said that Bonifacio and Aguinaldo should be the national hero because they fought in the revolution, while Rizal cautioned about it.

After months of fighting, severe Spanish retaliation forced the revolutionary armies to retreat to the hills.

Balangiga massacre

Some of the families that gained prominence in the 19th century have continued to play an important role in Philippine economics and politics. The movie tells the life story of Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines.

We must understand that rebellion is not the heart of all Moros - father, mother and children. Alongside the landholdings of the church and the rice estates of the pre-Spanish nobility there arose haciendas of coffee, hemp, and sugar, often the property of enterprising Chinese-Filipino mestizos.

Jose Rizal for their contribution to our freedom. The growth of commercial agriculture resulted in the appearance of a new class. In September a constitutional congress met in Malolosnorth of Manila, which drew up a fundamental law derived from European and Latin American precedents. This peso bill has set a new history record because it is first time that there are three direct family in one bill in the world.

He died in Barcelona on July 4, Have a great day everyone. General Nestor asks him to take the legendary warrior Achilles, to rally the troops to the cause. He wanted more to use the money in buying armaments to execute them to provide food and shelter to the marginalized members of the society.

Also shown on the front side of the bill are the Barasoain Church and the Independence House. After reading this part of the article, I have to agree about it. The movie introduces us to the life of subjugation of the Filipino people under the rule of the Spanish friars.

The grenade and gun factory belongs to them.

Jose Rizal on Today’s World Reaction Paper Essay Sample

Tandang Sora takes part in giving first aid for those who injured throughout the fight. Senate in Februarybut with only one vote more than the required two-thirds. On the right is a highlight from a design handcrafted in the Visayas.

Even in school, it was felt by Rizal and other Filipino students.

Jose Rizal (1998): Reaction Paper

There are graphic depictions of violence and even torture. The fact that Philippines is a Catholic nation but the evil despotism of the Catholic Church under Spaniards friars are still felt by the Filipino.Poverty in the Philippines is a huge problem with many different causes.

The Philippine Aid Society was founded to fight poverty in the Philippines. REACTION PAPER IN THE MOVIE JOSE RIZALThe movie tells the life story of Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines.

Athree-hour epic on the life and struggles of his poet and patriotisms. Jan 30,  · The country's new paper bills do have a positive and negative effect in our economy but it is more of an advantage to our current leader, President Aquino. One of the new paper bill, the peso bill, has a new familiar face in it and that is the late ex-president Corazon Aquino.

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Sep 22,  · Best Answer: well it depends on the dialect ur talking about, which i assume is tagalog, and by reaction paper, do u mean a reaction to paper? if so, then it would be reaksiyon sa papel, but if u mean just reaction paper, like a paper on reaction, it would be papel buongpaligid sa reaksiyon or papel ng reaksiyonStatus: Resolved.

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Reaction paper on a philippine history
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