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The importance of cleanliness in all the actions of life is almost too apparent to need mention, were it not that it is so much neglected by many.

We keep our homes clean then why not our schools, colleges, roads, offices, tourist places, stations, etc all through the country.

So, a complete cleanliness is not far away from us. They must tell us that cleanliness is the first and foremost thing in our lives like food and water. Just think that, how bright our homes and whole country look at Diwali, what will happen if it look daily.

It should be practiced from the childhood which can only be initiated by each parent as a first and foremost responsibility. It will keep us away from the epidemic diseases and give us the feeling of social wellbeing.

Cleanliness Speech

Healthy people are clean people. All type of cleanliness is very necessary for our good health whether it is personal cleanliness, surrounding cleanliness, environment cleanliness, pet animal cleanliness or work place cleanliness like school, college, office, etc. In order to show our real potential all through the world, we have to maintain cleanliness all across the country.

Lots of cleaning resources and measures cannot be effective enough to keep India clean until we change our mind that whole country is like our home and we need to keep it clean. The most important purpose of maintaining cleanliness is to get health, beauty, remove offensive odor as well as avoid the spread of dirt and contaminants.

We all should be highly aware about how to maintain cleanliness in our daily lives. Prophet Muhammad pbuh advised the Muslims to appear neat and tidy in private and in public. On the physical side, Islam requires the Muslim to clean his body, his clothes, his house, and the whole community, and he is rewarded by God for doing so.

Let them learn about cleanliness using such simple cleanliness essay: Also likePersian, Urdu is written from right to left in a modified Arabicscript.

We all should understand the motto, importance and necessity of cleanliness and must try to apply it in our daily lives. That means catching and keeping their interest.


So, a complete cleanliness is not far away from us. Cleanliness Essay 6 words Cleanliness is the act of keeping our body, mind, dress, home, surroundings and other work area neat and clean. We should drink safe, clean and well purified water all through the day. Cleanliness Essay 2 words Cleanliness is a good habit which everyone should have to have healthy life and standard lifestyle.

Allah orders the believer to be tidy in appearance: No; he must set apart some time for bathing and washing his clothes. Now, do not mistake rich clothes for clean clothes. A dubious virtue in itself, for various reasons, not least of which being that it would infer a person to be not averse to perpetrating upon people the type of cruel perils which insurance companies would like to insure people against.

There were lots of interesting events, there were so manyCharacters Essay on cleanliness in urdu different personalities and so many important ideasthat the author portrayed in the novel. Cleanliness Essay 6 words Cleanliness is the act of keeping our body, mind, dress, home, surroundings and other work area neat and clean.

Cleanliness is like a good habit which not only benefits a person, however; it benefits the family, society and country and thus whole planet. Cleanliness among students in the schools are promoted through many activities like cleaning of school campus, classrooms, labs, poster making on cleanliness, waste segregation, essay writing, painting on cleanliness, poems recitation, group discussion, documentary videos etc.

Instead of infrastructure improvements, effective plants for wastes treatment from industries, agriculture, and other fields, laws and rules by government, etc; we need to think and consider our own responsibility using our own mind and effort.

Just like that, if all the Indians take responsibility of cleanliness and prevent from getting dirty for small space in the surrounding areas, I think that, the day is not so far when we will see cleanliness everywhere all through the country.

Dirt gives rise to the moral evil however gives rise to the moral purity. When you prepare for prayer wash your faces, and your hands and arms to the elbows; rub your heads with water and wash your feet up to the ankles.

Sometimes I want to live as if I am not facing terrible situation concerning my family, my job, and relationship with people, and friends, to somehow carry through and live each day normally. A clean planet is a happy planet. It aims to support a single claim. We should take bath with soap, cur our nails, wear well washed and pressed clothes on daily basis.

Cleanliness makes us healthy in every aspect like mental, physical, social and intellectual. Cleanliness is a greatest virtue which should be followed by everyone as a great responsibility to enhance the standard of life. The samesource gives Hindustani as a mix of Hindi and Urdu; Hindustani is apopular language in the north of India.Essays on Essay In Urdu On Health And Cleanliness.

Essay In Urdu On Health And Cleanliness Search. Search Results. Online Branding Jennifer Rowley Introduction A brand is not a name. A brand is not a positioning statement. It is not a marketing message. It is a promise made by a. Free Essays on Speach On Cleanliness In Urdu.

Get help with your writing. 1 through Cleanliness Essay 5 ( words) Cleanliness is a clean habit which is very necessary to all of us. Cleanliness is a habit of keeping ourselves physically and mentally clean including with our home, pet animals, surroundings, environment, pond, river, schools, etc.

Feb 11,  · Essay-Cleanliness. This is a discussion on Essay-Cleanliness within the 9th forums, part of the Classes category; Cleanliness Islam places great emphasis on cleanliness, in both its physical and spiritual aspects. On the physical side, Islam requires.

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Cleanliness Essay

Cleanliness is one of the good qualities. It is a part of our civilization. A man of dirty habits is far from civilization.

So, with the progress of civilization man cle ans himself more and.

Essay on cleanliness in urdu
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